Sunday, November 1, 2015

Back from PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2015

A very good conference - again.

All the speakers knew their stuff very well, all talks I attended were 100% free of bullshit.

There is a lot going on to add some very advanced features to PostgreSQL, like GPGPU accelerated  queries (a project backed by NEC). FDWs are getting better and better with each release and heaven knows what ingenious applications people will find for logical decoding.

Also nice to see was that PostgreSQL runs so well on POWER Servers (and Raspberry Pi clusters :-)).

This rapid pace will put some strain on the update schedules of PostgreSQL users I guess, and it may take a while before the optimal solutions to some problems, especially parallel query execution and the new index types crystallize - but while PostgreSQL already is the world's most advanced open source database, it could be soon the world's most advanced database.

In terms of data integration capabilities and extensibility - it might be already...