Friday, February 12, 2010

Chemoinformatics in the browser: Firefox catches up

>That's a big difference. Which version of Firefox? If 3.5, have you tried 3.6?

Yes, today. Chrome 4 is not faster than Chrome 3 but Firefox 3.6 now allows jobs of about 50 structures.

Browsermax. job size
Chrome 3.x100
Chrome 4.x100
Firefox 3.5.x25
Firefox 3.6.x50
IE 6.x5
IE 8.x10

Those batch sizes allow for script execution times of about 1 second. The idea behind this is, that this does not interfere with other scripts on a page if the job is running embedded, e.g. in an invisible iframe.

If the page is dedicated, much larger jobs might be possible up to the limit of the browser that triggers the 'A script is not responding' error message.

Update: IE 8.x is twice as fast as IE 6.x, but still slow compared to the competitiors.

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